Replay bugged even after restart

Up until now every replay bug I’ve had has been solved by restarting the game. I am sure you guys are already aware this doesn’t always fix it but putting here in case.

I did an 8 player multiplayer free for all last night. Went to watch the recording today and it’s busted. The game was about an hour and 50 minutes long. I go to watch it and the timer in top right says it’s only an hour and 5 minutes. It then said I got eliminated a minute in and stopped the replay. There hasn’t been a patch in the last 24 hours so it’s not that.

The stats screen is also bugged even after computer being restarted/left off overnight.

Here is the original stat screen from after the game ended.

Here is the one from the replay.

Try this:

Go to Documents\My Games\Age of Empires IV\network and delete all files starts with M_ or S_ (you can take a backup before deleting). These are replay files and open the game watch the replay again.

I didn’t think replays were saved on your PC and were all on a server? I will try :slight_smile:

When click view replay button, its download replay to Documents\My Games\Age of Empires IV\network\ folder then load it.

I tried this and it didn’t help. Still the same issue. Thank you for the suggestion though!

also replay’s not showing up, or showing up a day later.

usually when something fishy has happened.

what’s with that.