Replay "Sync-error detected" when opposing side reached Imperial

No, this is not an old replay before the patch.

This replay game occurred an hour ago under the latest patch 8324.
The replay crashes once the first person on the opposing team reached Imperial Age.

Was able to get past 17:06 game time with normal speed. Playing at 8x causes the sync-error detected error at 17:06.

I’ve been able to replicate this error 4-4 times with this replay file.

Other sections of this replay file at 2-4x speed sync-error still occurs near 20-30 minute marks.

Replay file

I had the same issue today when watching a replay, when i reached imperial the replay went out of sync

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Thank you @Drumsin and @SmolSmolsnek! I’ll make sure the team checks this out. Appreciated!

I just had the same error

I’m not sure which replay it is exactly because both show the same created time. I would assume its the 3.4mb one tho because its a long match. My brother also gets the sync error when he tries to watch it on his computer. I’ve made it to 50 minutes before the error but it mostly happens around the 30-32 minute mark. (Files have .txt appended onto them because the forums dont let you upload .gz extensions.

M_15842182_11f9059eed481eea14491f8ae818fd8d4ab585d610b3e6f3aad2547f55ecaf8b.gz.txt (3.4 MB)
M_15842182_54dbc9bc0e6adf3c8676f8a4e68c2b1b7bf576a77f6ee58657639f1d37b4f332.gz.txt (669.6 KB)

Thanks @O07Craft!

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Any progress on this? My brother and I watch all our replays and 60%-70% of them get a sync error at some point. If you slow it down to 4x you can maybe get past the error. Sometimes you need to slow it down to 2x tho to pass the point with an error (and rarely, even 1x!). Sometimes multiple errors are found in a replay too so if you pass the point then speed it up again, you could get more sync error at different parts.