Replay watching issue

After I played two quick play team games and I decided to watch replay of the 2nd game that I played, it showed the “Victory!” and “Defeat!” properly (1st game I lost, 2nd game I won).

When I clicked the watch replay for the 2nd game, it always showed the statistics and replay of 1st game and not the 2nd. Ideally, it should show the 2nd game’s stats and replay properly.


It seems to be an issue with custom games?

The only 2 match history’s that are bugged for me are the 2 custom games I’ve played. When I click on either custom game, it will show me the Match History of the 4v4 standard High View game. All of the stats will show the 4v4 game information, except the title will still say the custom game information

It also displays wrong game sometimes when you click to view the game.

I had a similar issue, restarting my pc fixed it.