Report lagging (maybe a bug) for AOE 2

Game Version: AOE II Definitive Edition

  • Build: Alienware M15 R6
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10 (11)
  • Gamertag: lagging


I got my brand new Dell Alienware M15 R6 last month with 16gb Memory, 240Hz screen flash rate, i7 11th generation and NVIDIA 3070 and I installed AOE2. At the beginning it was very smooth to play but after some updates (not sure it is caused by Windows update or the game itself) by the end of October or early November, the game started to show lagging both offline and online, single and multiple players (game windows display in the game slowly, piece by piece. And after I left clicked the mouse and few seconds passed, the command was executed). I tried to follow online suggestion by changing the setting of NVIDIA control panel, adding the game to the exclusion of antivirus, changing the display setting and choosing high performance one for this app, uninstalling and then reinstalling the game and even uninstall some windows updates installed in early November, but none of them worked. I even tried to update the system from Win 10 to Win 11, but it didn’t work either. The benchmark test in the game only gave me around 500 (my old laptop with older intel and NVIDIA GPU can still get 1000+) My CS GO in the steam works pretty well compared to AOE.

I hope that any of you guys can help for this issue.


Well, in that case please contact our Support team so we can investigate what is happening. Please include your DxDiag and logs . Steps to find those are here:¨.
Thanks for the help and have a nice day