Report two bugs that are never fixed and have been around for years

These errors have been around forever, and are very easy to find, and happen very frequently, PC version, steam (both errors regardless of PC or configuration).

    1. Error: When the game ends, the rival player is still there, he writes gg and you are going to answer him and if you have pressed return to answer him, if you do not wait more than 5 seconds, you cannot write text because it opens to the drawer of text but nothing can be written.
    1. Error: on the screen where all the technology trees are displayed, suppose that for a civilization a technology is free, then you change to another civilization, and said technology stays free, that is, the tree is not updated depending on the civilization selected in the combo. Instead he gets the last play game civilization for all the technology

Hello @GrantedPurse11
We’re already tracking the issue with chat. About the Tech Tree issue, Can you provide detailed steps to reproduce the issue?
Thanks for your report!

In the first error, I think it’s when the games end (I’m not sure), the one with the text box that doesn’t let you type, it’s possible that it happens when the other opponent player leaves, then the connection is lost, and it stays approximately 5 seconds, should instead say player “Player’s Nick” left the game.

n the second error, that of the technology tree, select a civilization with some special quality of cheap cost or for some free technology, for example, Tartaros, this civilization has a free fingerprint “typist” (I don’t know the name of this civilization in English, I write it “Tártaros” is written like this in Spanish, and the technology “dactilera”). Now play a game against the player, you don’t need to play, just enter the game and exit, and now go to the tech tree, it will say that “dactilera” free, now select another civilization, it will continue to show that it is free, not reporting the cost.

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