Report two icon bugs

Game Version:
Build: 36906
Platform: Steam & Microsoft Store


  1. The icon of Priest with Relic is Monk’s, not Priest’s icon. And it will change to American Monk’s icon when player chooses American civs.

    Priest with Relic icon is Monk_2

2.Some of the units’ icons do not display at the bottom-left panel of Editor (Units Panel), and some are wrong displayed. Units with this issue I found include:
Trebuchet (Packed) - not displayed
Trebuchet - wrong displayed

God’s Own Sling (both Packed and Unpacked) - not displayed
Bad Neighbor (both Packed and Unpacked) - not displayed

Rock Church - not displayed
Town Center (Packed) - not displayed
Granary - wrong displayed

Town Center (Packed)

Hoping for the issues to be fixed in the future patch and thanks for the great game!