Report UI bug game frozen

I was bringing a player, a chain of events happened to me, first i found a player in the team who had such low elo that he created the gates in reverse, 2 match a player after we used pings to communicate with the team ,

game, then as I was entering a new game and was about to start everything, in the loading screen, I was reporting the player of the previous game, who exited only for this reason, but meanwhile the game that I had found was about to start, so the UI to report it was buggy and my game froze, with this screen, without being able to do anything, even the sounds of the game went away, and any input,

you can see from behind that there is the loading screen, but the UI got stuck, and behind it everything seems to be blocked.

in quick match, team 4v4, yes i know it’s not rank but i have high elo, and losing like this, is really frustrating.

wrote shut up and immediately exited the