Reporting a cheater

Dutch vs lakota monster truck.age3Yrec (1.6 MB)

I dont know if this is the right place to report a cheater, but just played this guy and well, i dont think any civ has access to monster trucks.
Here is the recorded game attached so you can have a look for yourselves!!


and how can i be sure or anyone else here that this is not an custom game with cheats allowed ?

That was a rated game.
I think the devs should be able to look at the last game played as they probably have access to stats and should know it was rated

This guy again…I can confirm that he is 100% a cheater, I already reported him on the support and Fitzbro even made a video exposing him

The only reason I don’t post the video here it’s because it’s against the rules to expose people on this forum…sadly.

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Oh I see, I didnt knew that. Where do u report him then??

You can report in-game AFAIK or send then an e-mail through here: Submit a request – Age of Empires Support

Nah i thnik its fair to call out blatant hackers.

Just resign, Keep your chin up and move on i guess

To be fair I couldn’t even get mad cuz that was funny af.
My tc got reckt at min 1 when my vills had just finished gathering the crates
No time wasted at least

shhhhhhh dont give him ideas!!!

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We must adapt to the new meta now, it has evolved

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Hi luciofrancosi, thank you for your report.

Additional information can be submitted using our reporting tools in-game or by contacting Support.

While we can’t comment on disciplinary actions, we take cheating very seriously and thoroughly investigate reports of cheating.