Reporting cheaters " on steam "

since aoe2de team doesnt care about having cheaters and is not responding to any of our tweets or threads about the cheaters, i think our next best option is to report their profiles on steam under " cheating " category ( use this spreed sheet for finding their profiles list of people using game exploits on AOE2DE )
if a profile gets enough reports, steam will put pressure on the game developers to deal with it, after all its their platform. and if it gets confirmed, the profiles might receive VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) Status, which will lead to account ban
these are the evidence for this player using hacks in his games against 2 streamers:

i know many of you already know how to do it, but im uploading this pictures for the people who are not familiar with reporting on steam

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as steam stated, " we may share this report with product’s development team ", which can mean they will put pressure on the game developers to deal with the situation or atleast ban the reported accounts from the game immediately. its their platform

He has been banned (or at least removed from the leaderboard)

Every time the account gets banned a new one appears, its currently impossible to play a match on the 1v1 ladder.

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Well. that is what he wants. He plays cat and mouse with the devs. Its not like he already has 5 accounts in the top 100 which are several weeks unplayed