Reporting system for ranked queue issues


ranked (team game) queue is not working fine for me since 2-3 days. That means sometimes a game is found, but after a few seconds it sets me back to the queue. But after that no button is working although the timer is still counting. Leaving MP with buttons does not work, even waiting for another game doesn´t work so in the end I have to leave by closing the game.

I had to do this a few times, so you know why I have time to write :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In this cases it would be nice to have a reporting system for queue problems. Because after closing the game and restarting it I have no real chance to report this freezing problem.

Didn’t happen to me lately but I had that couple of times a few weeks back. Basically this happens sometimes when opponent alt f4s and because of some bug your queue gets stuck. Most frustrating part about that is that you have to alt f4 out of the queue yourself then and yi always got time out myself for that.

Hi @PommesKimchi !

Can you disable your antivirus or add the game to their exception list?