Request: ability to cycle (select and focus) villagers working on resources via HUD

This is the feature I miss the most from Age of Empires 1: DE, which was sadly not brought over to Age of Empires 2: DE: the possibility to cycle (select and focus) on individual working villagers depending on the resource they're gathering real-time. This feature functions via clicking each resource icon from the heads-up display, as you can see in the .gif below:


100% agree on this (20 characters)

I see no negatives to adding this… Good suggestion…

The feature itself is very handy when relocating villagers, so no matter the number of units, population or distractions in the map, villagers are always easily selectable. Since we already have an option to cycle amongst idle villagers, I say “why not?” to cycling through the working ones! @fe_dev_team, it would be great if AOE2DE received an update adding this feature!

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