[Request] Add Bay (aka Pants) map to the regular map pool

I believe Bay is a very interesting and appealing to the community, if not a fan favorite already, hybrid map used in tournaments.

I can see a lovely specialty in this map:

The one flank has to fight to control the water which contains fish, while the other has to fight for the elevated strip which contains some neutral resources.

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Yep. Easily one of my favorite map. I’d put some suggestion to change some aspects before it going to the rank.

  1. Map doesn’t rotate. Meaning players bases, the bay and pant area are always on same position. At least that’s how I remember from last Hidden Cup. The pant area should be on all 4 edges with 25% chance on each.
  2. Reduce some of the extra deer with sheep and forage bush to minimize the advantage of Mongols.
  3. Increase the water area but keep the amount of fish as the same. Spread out the ship more evenly across the water.
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I remember T90 saying that this has been updated, and the map can rotate to all four directions.

I guess devs can completely remove the neutral deer, implementing a more standard resources’ environment?