(Request) Add regional skins for units! (Or just the core system)

I see so many requests for regional or civ unit skins , come on Devs please, at least put the core mechanism there so modders can tinker with it in a simple healthy way. As it is now its impossible to make a mod for that purpose without breaking the game and the Ai… A regional or civilization skin pack per civ/region should be a given… I mean most if not all the skins needed to make that a reality are already in the game waiting to be used. Pretty pretty please!


Why would the AI or game break?units are the same only graphics differ like the buildings.

Yes but can you put more than one graphic skin per unit? Won’t you have to create duplicates for every unit, change their skins , make an effect for every single one to be used by every single civ and then hope that the Ai will use them like nothing happened? I hope to be wrong on this one so I work around it somehow :slight_smile: I’m new at modding so any info is much appreciated!

Edit: tell me that you can can add different skin to the same unit just by choosing a civ while editing in AGE3 and I missed the simplest thing possible!

Yes its very much possible, buildings are done like that. Best example is wonders, wonder building entree is the same in the data only the graphics change.

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Oh god… thank you man , now it will be piece of cake to do that reskin mod I was trying to do ! Jesus how can I missed that… Hahaha , and i was trying to do it with the most messy, twisted way possible haha

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I’m all for unit skins for those thst want them but it should remain entirely client side only.

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Always, thats a given. Its more of a casual luxury. Competitively it will be a drawback.

Game performance will also drop, even now a building going down takes about 1gb of ram.

Why? Explain please? I dont get it

The destruction graphics of the buildings takes a lot from the pc memory same goes for units.Imagine a lot of different units on screen and how much ram it would take to show them all without lag.

have you not seen there are a number of mods that do this already? there’s even a regional skins mod, i dont think its complete but it exists…

been a number of bigger threads and polls on reddit (larger user base than this forum) and there are people who would pay for skins, but i dont know if there’s enough to justify the cost

skins could be either client side only, or using a setting in options you could choose to see your opponents skins. just like in other games. we arent reinventing the wheel here.

I have seen such mods but I can’t find them to download them and if i find them they don’t seem to work . After much frustration I started my first attempts to make a mod my self, and found that you can indeed easily make civ specific skins without any problem. I made a overhaul reskin mod using vanilla skins from scenario/campaign/heroes skins and it works fine! Now all I want is to find historical unit skins mod to use its skins on my mod but i cant find it anywhere, do you have any idea how could i find it?

Data mods like the ones available right now “separate” the models, and I don’t notice any drop in performance. Each unit takes the designated model anyway.

They just have to separate the models for each civ. That way we won’t need data mods, and we can replace specific models for each civ. Instead of one for all of them. Like the knight and archer models from old events.

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