Request: Add Xolotl-at-Arms/Silver mines, etc, to Editor


So I’ve mentioned this before in another thread, but might as well make a topic about it. I’m generally not one to use visual mods as I prefer congruent and immersive visuals, and replacing standard units with out-of-place mod units just isn’t my cup of grog. So when the graphic artists put a lot of work into something awesome like the dark knight or xolotl-at-arms, it’s entirely wasted as far as I’m concerned, and even for those who are into that sort of thing, there’s no continuity since the upgraded units look unrelated. These graphics would have a lot more utility on new Editor units, where they could actually be matched to situations that improve, rather than diminish, the immersion.

Furthermore, I think it would be awesome to have some more Editor objects to represent the umbrella resource of “gold,” similarly to how there are a wide variety of representations of food gathering, where even single classes of food gatherers (“shepherds”/hunters) have a variety of animals to gather from. Gold mines are used as a catch-all not only for anything of principally monetary value, but also for any kind of metal or mineral with industrial or military uses. The resources taken from “gold mines” can be seen to also represent silver, gemstones, salt, (or even more unusual forms of currency such as seashells or cacao beans), iron, copper, perhaps even coal or other mineral components of gunpowder. Not that we need all of these, but at least having gem, silver, salt, and maybe even iron mines would add a lot of personality to custom scenarios in terms of their ability to represent wealth accumulation and metal mining.


Ideally we should get proper historical skins,but for now we just have to make do with what we get.

Things like silver mines vine yards and fruit trees are always welcome addition.


Regional skins would be cool of course (yes, client side only @MatCauthon3 :wink: ), but they’re a long way out (if they ever happen) due to how much work that is for the graphics dept. Whereas the heavy lifting (graphics) is already done for the mod units I mentioned. Devs could literally add them in 15 minutes.

Static visuals like those used for new resources/eye candy, are also a lot easier due to not having to be animated, but would add a lot to the game.

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Yes, I totally agree with all of this.

I’d also like polar bears (without penguins ###### ###### pineapple plants (in realistic colours), spring terrains, winter tree variants… Basically any event mod that was actually realistic available as a standard editor object.

Edit: hilarious, the censor did not like my description of what the penguins were doing to the polar bears! Understandable, I suppose.


We need Tapirs to replace Javelinas, Yaks (reskinned cows), Hippos, Giraffes and Black Bears and Seals (huntable). Vineyars, realistic pineapples, fruit trees and the variety of mine types (copper, iron, silver, gems, salt) and maybe also harvestable apiary (honey) cones.


I’m kind of tempted to want the glowing neon ones for an epic Polynesian campaign where Kahuna Keilani travels to The Place Where the Sun Drowns to gain the powers of the Cosmic Pineapple of Destiny.

Couldn’t resist reusing this meme template:

I’m basically for all of these in due course, and any other kind of useful eye candy. The lack of any alternatives to gold mines is just the most striking vacancy ATM. There’s even the possibility of alternate stone mines (sandstone, marble, red granite), although less of a priority.


Not sure what you’re intending here, but I’m imagining a tree that gives food, but once you’ve collected all the food it can then be chopped down for wood. (Although this might be more annoying than useful, and I don’t know if any types of trees were historically used this way.)

Yes, it goes without saying that they should add the Cosmic Pineapple of Destiny, which simultaneously functions as a forage bush and a relic.


I was intending for the fruit trees to be consumable. Banana trees, maize fields, orange trees, peach trees etc.

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