Request: An option to play with AoE original rules

For both the campaign and the skirmish mode, it would be neat to have an option to enable AoE’s original rules (how they were before the Rise of Rome expansion), which means:

  • no unit or technology queuing
  • no grouping
  • no farm auto-recycling

That changes the dynamic and pacing of the game, the strategies used, and offers a different experience. It requires more attention and though to what’s going on, and that’s something I can find fun.

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Hello. You are talking about Age of Empires 1 Vanilla.
At moment in DE, you can play classic mode in single player ( its classic Rise of Rome tho).
Classic mode in multiplayer would be sweet as an option. :slight_smile:

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I’m talking about the rules for pre Rise of Rome AoE. Rise of Rome added unit and technology research queuing, unit grouping, and farm auto-recycling.

Even in AoE DE’s “Classic” skirmish mode, the rules I mentioned are the post-RoR ones. I’d like to have the original pre-RoR rules available in all game modes: Campaign, skirmish, and multiplayer.