(REQUEST) Different benchmark requirements for non 4v4 games

Currently you can only pass a benchmark with a score of 1000 or higher. However, your system gets tested against the worst possible scenario, a 4v4 late game. I think it is fairly safe to say if you get 970, you should still be allowed to at least play 1v1s and 2v2s, maybe even 3v3s.

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I agree, maybe someone can make the case that the benchmark applies to more cases than it appears to. I realize I have a lower-end computer, but it’s a shame I can get into ranked with a 920-973, RIP. Fortunately there is unranked.

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I’d lower the required benchmark score to 900-950.

Sorry. But just no.
I get laggy opponents allready.

If your opponents are playing with you, that means they either passed the benchmark or cheated somehow. If they passed the benchmark, which tests you on a 4v4 game with 1600 population, they surely have a more than powerful enough system to play the game on. If this is the case, then it is a matter of game optimization, not the benchmark being too permissive (there are multiple reports of the game running poorly on extremely high end systems).

If they are somehow cheating the test, then this is not related to whatever score they ask you to meet.

950 out of 1000 shouldn’t kick you out of every single mode, as 1v1 will be faaaar less demanding than the benchmark scenario.

Lag is also dependent on internet connection… Which the benchmark test doesn’t do.

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I don’t know. Been on a handful 1v1 and 2v2 games with 800ish scored players and the lag comes up tremendously since the first 10 seconds. That with a normal latency, of course.

But I have to admit, this whole thing of needing to score a benchmark to play a standard game mode is messed up.

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