Request: Final game stats improvement

Hello guys, today at final of game, I and my friend, we were disputing by looking statistics who was the most valuable player (I think it’s me haha). We feels missing to some stats about how many enemy pop was killed by player in a time series, final value of unit(not pop) is available in militar tab, but I think kill 60 pop at 10 minute game is more important than kill 180 at 50 minute game. I propose some new stats to add at final game stats time series dashboard:

  1. All military population killed (balanced way of judge [kill 2 strelets is different kill 2 cannons])
  2. All military units killed (maybe unnecessary)
  3. All civil population killed (helps identify economic impacts diffused in enemy team)
  4. All military population consumed (helps by display the evolution of military training in Age stages)

They should at least implement all what is available in ESOC ladder…
Age community stats

Which units you did. How many died, survived, vills per age etc