Request for a Coop vs AI multiplayer feature

Hi devs,

Many of us play compstomps - and I know I love them.

I was wondering if there could be a coop feature for AoE3 where players can come together to play compstomps against AI opponents. This is not really a feature, more of a way for people who want to compstomp with other people to find games quicker.

We should be allowed to choose the number of AI opponents and the AI difficulty like we can already do and then once lobby fills up we’re good to go!

This of course will only be interesting if the AI quality is improved. Presently the AI isn’t working too well and I hope they will be improved soon. Once the AI plays well, maybe Coop vs AI will be a very fun multiplayer experience.

I only play with friends against AI and usually its not guaranteed to find compstompers in the lobbies, so I thought this might be nice.

Thanks for your time! And for still working on the game and giving us new content!

But please fix the AI.


Hi, I’m not completely sure I understand what you’re asking for. Coop vs AI (compstomps) are clearly already a multiplayer feature. Do you mean you would like to see a ranked queue of some sort?

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No no… just a dedicated lobby where you can only find people who want to play coop against AI.

It’s more of a sort feature in the lobby, where the human players are all on one team and AI on the other.

It’s more of a quick search setting than a new feature.

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Ah, so an easier way to filter / search for game rooms of this type.
Yeah, that could be useful.

Honestly, I don’t understand what you want. Just put comp stomp in the title of your game, and only people that want to play against AI will join ?
There aren’t a lot of game being created in the same time (as there are not a lot of people playing AoE3). It’s not that difficult to find a game with something in its name !

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