Request for Abbasid

Heya! Dev’s I’d say most of us are in the boat of 'we love this game, but we’re after that fine tuning to make it a true contender to take that ‘aoe4’ title after so many years of no new AoE games…

We love this franchise so much, we’re just really keen on having it all ironed out, all the obvious/logical additions done etc.

Currently there are several units within the game from the Abbasids perspective, that a small addition would bring a large benefit.

Camel Riders / Camel archers currently buff infantry and debuff horse calvary.

And the Imam (Priest/Monk/Scholar) unit, has a single convert ability.

When any of these 3 units are selected, you’re unable to see how far their range is of the debuff/buff aura, or of the range of conversion, so its kinda goodluck have fun how ya doing, got to ‘guess’ while trying to micro units (keeping a camel alive behind infantry at a distance, yet guessing how far that distance is etc)

So some kinda ground animation/decal/circle around the unit (visible when selected) would be an awesome addition.

I’ve added a meme screenshot to display what I mean


It sounds great but it would look messy if u have a large group of camels. Maybe they can set this circle visible only when a single camel is selected.


that would benefit the performance most, imagine lots of units all taking up processing power on sprites, it rips performance if they all show it.

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Yeah i agree, def needs something - not sure how they’re best to approach it… but def would improve that ‘min/max’ factor of the civ.