Request for Improving United States Legion Train Time

The United States civilization gets five “Legion” cards in the “Harbor”. Following the theme of the series of “Immigrant” cards which are primarily economic, the series of “Legion” cards ship units, at a price, and enable these to be trained at the Fort.

Playing Treaty primarily, I was a little disappointed when I tried them out, as the United States’ training speed home city shipment card “Patriotism” does not affect any of them. One specific example is the Magyar Hussar. With Mass Cavalry from the meeting house (-35%), Indiana Mobilization (-10%), and New Mexico Immigration (-10%), and the Inspiring Flag (80% duration), they take 36 seconds to train from the Fort. Regular Hussars train in 6.4 seconds with Patriotism (-25%). Despite Magyar Hussar’s strength, in the treaty game mode, 36 seconds is far too great a cost, AND these require a very precious and limited card slot in your deck.

I dismissed those cards entirely until I was playing with Mexico, and realized their training speed home city shipment card “Liberation March” DOES affect Mexico’s equivalent of those cards (namely, “Criollos”, “Tulancingo Cuirassiers”, and “Spanish Sympathsizers”).

Would the developers consider implementing a solution to improve the training time on the set of Legion cards from the United States?

I have enjoyed the newer civilizations due to their diversity and flexibility, and I would absolutely build decks to include these Legion cards if they didn’t take almost 6x longer to train than the base option (in the case of Hussars).


What about the train time for Renegade (Dutch/spanish/french) for native Americans? :smiling_imp:

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Did you say the C word? kon fe de rats?

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