Request for new DLC

  1. 3 civs in the new DLC. Looking at the achievements, it looks like there are only 2, but we need something more this time.

  2. 5 campaigns. Last 2 times we had civs + 1 campaigns, which was just a classic civ without a campaign. This time, we would love to have 2 old civs covered. Looking at the achievements it looks like there are 3 or 4.

  3. Please please please - something outside Europe.

  4. Please use underused “unique infantry” ideas for Cav UUs (if cav civs are being designed), like Samurai on a horse, or Obuch on a horse. Maybe more cav UUs with splash damage - only Elephants have natural splash damage.

Actual ideas for campaigns:

  1. Dmitry of Moscow (Dmitry Donskoy) for Slavic campaign, but it is included in Eastern Europe campaign page

  2. Change Hastings from Franks to Normans (Sicilians). → Franks have 1 campaign + 2 historical battles.

  3. If doing Caucasus region, include Turks and a proper Byzantine campaign. If Indian region, include Chinese and Korean campaigns (Japs have 2 historical battles).

Other requests:

  1. Rename Sicilians to Normans maybe.

  2. Delete the Europe page in campaigns and actually split the campaigns on the page in Eastern Europe or Western Europe, and lock the campaigns individually rather than the page.