Request for Trebuchet selection adjustment

People may or may not be on the fence about this, but as a frequent select all army units on screen hotkey user, I felt it necessary to voice that when you select army in conjunction with trebuchets, there exists huge interference on what you want the trebuchets to be doing, they keep packing and unpacking constantly, acting and looking like they have a mind on their own, which I know is ironic considering they don’t have an operator :).
All jokes aside however, I must beseech the powers that be to revert the change made to trebuchet selection, or if it’s at all possible to make it an option for players to choose if they are a part of army selection. A dedicated hotkey made just for trebuchets would be another possible solution. Pretty please with sugar on top. I know it’s hard to make everybody happy, but maybe, just this once?..


Yes, it would be nice to have a key like alt behaviour for vils but just for siege weapons

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I did make a similar topic last week. "select all archer"; "selec all cavalry"; "selec all siege"; etc

But this forum’s users only cares about civs architecture, historical innacuracies, and other things that don’t affect gameplay at all.

Apparentely most of the users are casual for fun campaign players, scenario editors and bf/arena ffa treaty players, so things that really affect gameplay efficiency/eficacy usually go without notice here.

It’s actually the other way around.

If it helps you, I hate history.