Request: In game voting system

Every map rotation the same maps are voted. It’s like if an small percentage of the players were choosing the maps… And in fact, that’s the case.

AOE2 DE have more than 30.000 active players playing ranked games, but votations in this forume rarely reach 1000 people voting. That’s less than 3.5% of the player base, choosing the maps. If we consider that maps usually get chosen by 40% of the votes, that the 2% of the player base choosing the maps for everyone else.

Even if we assume half of those 30.000 are smurf accounts (which are probably not) we would have less than 7% of the people choosing the maps.

I think that’s only fair for everyone to have this system implemented. Considering how popular the game is in places like china, Vietnam and other countries where population are unlikely to enter an English speaking forum to vote


Also there’s at least one dev who’s apparently been working on UI stuff (the new menu and the quickPlay queue). It would be nice for them if they get to work on something we actually want :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes! It could be included under the News tab.

I made this suggestion as well:

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