Request: Kneel firing for all gunpowder units

This is trivial, but right now only caroleans seem to have the kneel firing animation. It’s nice if all gunpowder units could do this.


Maybe not all gunpowder, but all the ‘musketeer-type’ units should have this animation, it would help with the readability on the fights.

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Yeah that might be better.

Use Stagger formation. It will show you what you want.

Caroleans can kneel fire in every stance.

I would do it the other way round.
Skirmishers have rifled guns that have higher precision, keeling down helps with that. Volunteers(USA) also already do that.
In any case consistency would help. Most Skirmisher units carry their guns differently than Musketeer ones, but Strekets and Revolutionaries don’t follow the rules.

It seems only the new units get new animations. Hope they can make this more consistent later.

I have the feeling that strelets were originally planned to be a musketeer, regarding their stance and melee animation with axe (which is almost neglected)

This actually used to be a thing when the original game was being developed, I do not know why they removed it.