[Request] Map Reveal at End of Game

I am absolutely loving each game of AoE4 I play. Really well done guys! It’s been a blast to play custom matches with my friends and we’re staying up way to late enjoying it!!

I was hoping that at the end of the game, the map could be revealed and we could look around BEFORE going to the stats screen. This lets us see what other bases were built, the carnage we left behind, where the secret trade route was going, etc. It would be a really great feature that I keep wishing we had at the end of each game.

Thanks for hearing my suggestion!


+1 pienso lo mismo, creo que es muy necesario que se vea el mapaa cuando termina la partida

Yes good idea, you can watch the recorded game and see that, just takes ages to get there unless a short game at x8 speed.

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