Request: Only random civ button in RANKED GAMES

  • Yes, It should be a ranked option
  • No, but we should be able to see if our opponents picks civs
  • No, I like the way is now, not knowing if my opponent picks civs or not

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I began to play DE a month ago (was playing on voobly before) and I notice that pretty much everyone is picking the best civ available for every map.

For me, this is boring AF, and something i don’t understand. How important is the rank for you? I mean, I understand pro players going for the best civ, since they’re playing for money, and fun is not that important, but for us, average players? I really miss old AOE2 interface, when you could see if your opponent was picking civ or not.

So, my idea is simple: have a toggle on/off option in the match making allowing or denying the civ pick. That way, people who want to pick can do it. And we, the ones who like randomness, we can have fair matches without civ wins

What do you think?

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way to isolate your audience … more forced propoganda

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Forced propaganda? Man, it’s just an opinion,that why that paragraphs begins with the phrase “for me”. And the question is a sincere one: why put 'score or point on top of fun?

Gosh, man, take it easy

I also think that that could be a nice change. Sure sometimes you get a Civ win or loss, but currently you pretty much get a civ loss everytime you dont pick the strongest civ on certain maps (Persians on Nomad for example) also the more games you play the less impactfull are those bad luck random civs you get on your overall elo.

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I would prefer something like a “conditional random” checkbox in ranked. If both players have the box checked, then both players will be random. I one player doesn’t check the box then the other will still have the option to pick a competitive civ against them.


I prefer picking my civ, also because I’m a big nooby noob and I’ve decided I’m going to learn two civs first (Berbers and Cumans, if you’re interested, so not the most OP meta picks, but certainly not infamously bad ones either). I wouldn’t enjoy the game as much if it was always random. In fact, I wouldn’t mind being able to pick maps as well for ranked play. (Preferably from a larger selection as well, but I understand the problems of matchmaking.)

I do think being able to see whether your opponent goes random or picked is fine, a good compromise. Or maybe some form of an extra option to queue only against people going random themselves, that works too.

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Its hypocritical that they force variety through maps but not through civs. Although I am not the person to deny others from picking civs, and maybe once in a while I might do it myself to try a strat.

However it should be shown if the opponent has picked a civ (not reveal civ), and then give the option to skip opponent (or pick themselves). This is fair just like a lobby would be.


Sometimes i pick civ myself, but because i feel like using that civ.
It’s super good that you’re Focusing on 2 civs. But that’s not what I’m against to. I’m bored of people picking always the best civ


Wow great results… only 7% of people like the way it is now. I totally agree that it should be random but at the very least if they want to pick civ let me pick a counter civ.

This needs a bump. This and the forced map pool is the biggest issue I have with the game. Why change the way we play when all we asked for was updated graphics?

a poll of 16 people? great representation of the community :laughing:

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Well i mean we played with random civs for 1000s of hours before DE came out so yeah im trying to bump this up so more players vote. Did you ever play aoe online before DE?

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im talking about the “only 7%” this vote means nothing until there’s more voters… (ill edit the comment to be more specific)

i voted that we should be able to see if someone has picked or has gone random btw… me and my ally ended up both the same faction thanks to random, while our opponents had meta civs… was not great\

and no i didnt play aoe online before DE, was too busy with company of heroes

aoe was so much better before DE to be honest. The hidden civ psychology is really weird. It reminds of people when they know there is no food shortage but they still go and hoard all the food at the grocery store because you are not sure if someone else will go and hoard all the food themselves. lol So you pick a civ because you are not sure if your opponent vil pick too.


hahahah true! or the toilet rolls…

I agree that it is SUPER lame for people to always just pick the best civ for the map especially at ‘normal’ levels. People, it doesn’t matter! No matter what civ you pick it will adjust who you are paired with so you win half and lose half of your games. So you might as well stop civ/map counter picking and just pick civs you think are cool.

Ok, now that I posted something that will never happen, I can still say that I am totally against forced ‘random’ civs. Because I like to pick underused civs and try to figure out how to win with their unique units. For example I continually pick Indians and try to win making elephant archers. I do wish everyone else wasn’t so lame (although ‘mirror’ is the ultimate in lameness), but nothing can be done about that except to allow us map selection and to see what the opponent civ is, like on Voobly. But that isn’t going to happen either. So I don’t see a solution.

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I feel you man. Used to play viets a lot in Voobly.
I really like your comment

No one is suggesting to force random civ, just that players should not be forced to play vs a civ picker. I have given the solution above.

It should be shown if the opponent has picked a civ (not reveal civ), and then give the option to skip opponent (or pick themselves). This is fair just like a lobby would be.

Just like a lobby, the game would not start if both parties did not agree on the settings.

However the civ pickers will get encouraged to play random, which many will agree keeps the game interesting and helps to learn the game. I know from my own experience that I needed a little push to get out of the Mayan comfort zone when I first started out. But it goes both ways, also the random player can think twice if he really wants to skip and wait longer or show sympathy and play vs the civ picker. It makes everyone put their own stance in question and hopefully pull us closer together without anyone feeling forced.


hahaha you are soooo not right… and to add to it you generically insult everyone… well done, there is so much blatantly wrong with your post

amongst other things, I think someone is missing the whole point of RANKED matches…