Request: Please can we have an official data API

If possible please can the developers add to the roadmap the creation of an official data api. The lack of an official documented api has been a major pain point for aoe2 and I can only pray we get one for aoe4.

Such an api makes it significantly more viable to build community resources and tools which help grow the community for the long term.


To expand on this I mean it would be great to have endpoints for match results + metadata, in-game unit metadata, leaderboards, etc


I honestly was hoping this would have gotten more support. Proper APIs or data dumps are the literal backbone of many community sites and tools and majorly help to foster and grow the community. I really hope this is considered :frowning:


Just wanted to bump this. Availability of a proper API is essential if we want to be able to build community sites like or


Yes please make an official API. That would be great :slight_smile:

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That’s will be awesome

We support this proposal. As far as I know every community site builds on top of, which is itself unofficial. If ever chooses to stop its service, all other AoE2 related websites will stop working too.

As long as one can opt out due to privacy concerns. I for one don’t want my data being analyzed publicly on such a mass scale by anyone (as harmless as it may seem).

Agreed! Was planning on making a build guide tool with villager allocations based on faction, desired army comps, age-up timings, and research goals. An API with metadata would make it A LOT easier. Was hoping there was already one, but alas, here I am. Hopefully, the dev team can squeeze that in as a stretch goal. Not holding my breath on this one though.

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