Request: Possibility to set default zoom levels

Can we please have a way to set our preferred zoom level, similar to what we have in Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition?



this would be a nice addition. I have to change it everytime the game starts but i also see an issue of the quality getting bad if you zoom in and zoom out. At the default level, the game seems to have higher pixel quality. :frowning:

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You are correct. The game’s graphics are pixel graphics. Zooming in and out means they have to be scaled. Scaling to non integer results in approximations. No matter which algorithm is used it won’t be as precise and the quality will suffer. This is also why the viewable area changes as you change resolution. 4K has a lot more map on screen than FullHD.

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Yes, best graphical quality is achieved at 50% zoom level (summoned with Ctrl+Alt+0).
If zoom level is lower or higher than 50%, quality will be lost.

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In my case, since I have a low-end PC, I’d like to use the 1x zoom scale, and be able to lock zoom level to either 75% or 100% to get the most of the game. I got used to the 50% zoom level, though, since I dislike changing it everytime a game starts.

Nevertheless, I’m patiently waiting for the aforementioned feature to be added. Hopefully it’s not that hard to code :pray: :heartpulse:

is this the same in aoe2?

I would say YES. Zooming in too close makes graphics look pixelated too. And I believe UHD graphics pack prevents this from happening, at least to certain extent.

I don’t have AoE2 DE so I cannot confirm that but the original AoK/AoC works the same way, yes.

Zoom and navigation work differently in Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition, in the way the map gets rendered, though, but the same law applies for quality being lost when zooming in (and I think zooming out too).

This topic and others were moved into the “modding” forums. Whoever did that, clearly didn’t get that this type of posts are directed to the developers. Why would we be asking the community to fix the game, when developers are the ones supposed to do so in the first place? :triumph:

I find it highly disrespectful, whoever was involved in these decisions.

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This is one of those little yet important features this game should have in order to be more enjoyable and less frustrating. The game currently has an option to lock zoom levels, but gets restarted or changed every time a match starts or is loaded! :neutral_face:

This still applies in build 46777.

This, definitely would be much appreciated in a new update. Zoom control is kind of defective in AOE1DE, so having this new feature would fix that, and make things simpler for players, saving their time, and letting them better optimize their time.

The default zoom distance for 1x setting is too close to the screen imo. I would love to be able to set the distance like in AOE2DE :pensive:


New to this remaster. I don’t like having to choose between zoom detail 1x 2x or 4x. Is it not technically possible to have all active simultaneously? Let us start zoomed out at 1x level and then zoom all the way in to 4x level using the mousewheel? I guess they would have patched this by now if it was possible.

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The game does not have a dynamic zoom system, so one zoom level setting is required (beforehand) for it to be applied. It would indeed be nice to have a behavior like the one you described. Probably it would have been done already if it was possible/easy for the developers, I agree.

Since AOE1DE does not have a separate 4K patch (unlike AOE2DE), the 4X setting is there for players to choose from, acting as a 4K ‘toggle’.

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ty makes sense!!!

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