REQUEST: regional monks

I would really like regional monks implemented into the game, specially because the skins are already there

By now, we only have regional monks for the American civs. Then it’s all European.

I would like to get Muslim monks for Muslims civs (saracens, Turks, persians, etc), Buddhist monks for chinese, japs, etc. And pagan civs could use the priest unit as their monks (huns, vikings, maybe celts).

Muslim and Buddhist monks are already in the game: the Iman hero, and then there are other hero that is a Buddhist monk (appears in the 4th le loi scenario). I believe that there’s even an hindu monk hero also, that could be used for Indian.

Please devs, this is just a detail, but i’m sure A LOT od people would love, and also will give a much more realistic look to the game


Muslim Monks would work for Indians

Tamils, Odyas, Kannads and Palas (Pala Empire, not Bengal Sultanate) were Hindus.


Yeah, hindu munks would be just an add.

The Indians are meant to depict the Hindu/Buddhist/Jain kingdoms/civilisations. They can either use the Priest or the Buddhist Monk skin. Not the Imam.

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Indians cover Delhi Sultanate, a muslim Sultanate, not Sinhalese - Buddhist, Tamils - Hindus, etc…

What nonsense. The camels were a poor design choice from Forgotten Empires expansion. So this is Delhi Sultanate? Joke. Before making your posts, please think to avoid coming out looking like a fool.


So where is the Bengali Mercenary Cavalry, Pala Elephants, Viyajanagar& Chola Navy, Urumi, Sri Lankan Buddhism?

Even real Indians (Parthnan) think that Indians cover Delhi Sultanate. Is he a fool?

Speak for yourself. No need to drag others in here.

and I say that Indians cover the Delhi Sultanate, because India is too big to cover with one single civilization.

and it’s clearly designed to cover the Delhi Sultanate.

There is no way Indians cover Tamils with trash tier navy and Infantry or Bengalis without melee Elephants.

I already told you. There were mistakes in the designing from the Forgotten Empires expansion. But the civilisation is meant to represent the indigeneous Indian civilisations. The Camels angle was inherited from FE but they didn’t change it. We have been following this issue for years.

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I told you that India can’t be represented by one single civilization.

Even without Camels.

India was never an empire in the Medieval Age. There were different Sultanates, Empires with different army, religion and cultures. You would need 15 bonuses to cover India.

Guys, please stop the off topic, about indians and camels. Indians could get the budhist, or the hindu. We know indians is, by far, the most umbrella civ of the game,so no point ir arguing that. Any monk would be more correct that a catholic priest


It’s too bad that this change can only be achieved with a data mod. If they could make an official visual mod for monks and a monk event month, that would be too great.


There was an African monk icon made too. If that could be added as a reskin unit in the game…


Where is that African monk? Anyway, I do not know which was the main religion of Ethiopians and malians

Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity and Islam respectively.

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Ohh, super cool. I would love to have that model as well

Easier way is to give monk skin according to the king skin.devs can always make new skins for the missing.

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Since the last few updates and events there have been no new unit graphics from devs. Only profile icons. :worried: