[Request] Rename the completely fictional Thirisadai ship class to Marakkalam/Kalam

The Thirisadai: An ahistorical Age of Empires II unit based on a fraudulent Wikipedia Article


Somebody used faked and misattributed sources to create fictional Chola ship classes, among those the Thirisadai which has apparently no historical basis.


In light of the fraud and misinformation I have highlighted, I would recommend that the offending Wikipedia article excise sections 3 and 4 as there is no good evidence for their assertions. I am less sure of how to undo the fourteen years of misinformation but perhaps excising the original source of the lies might be a good start.

If it is not too much work (i.e. re-recording voice lines), I would also recommend that the developers of the Dynasties of India rename the Thirisadai to the Marakkalam or Kalam. The latter name has been attested to by multiple inscriptions in both India and Southeast Asia and it is, to the best of our knowledge, the largest class of oceangoing ship that the Tamil people possessed and possibly what transported the armies of the Chola dynasty to their overseas conquests in Southeast Asia, the Maldives and Ceylon.

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Does it really matter?


Why wouldn’t it? Better base it on something which really existed instead of fantasy with no historical basis.

Would just be a simple name change, nothing else.

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I find this really interesting, but the most interesting thing about it is how weird it is. Why would anyone want to fabricate this elaborate but totally plausible account of types of Chola naval vessel? What could they gain from it?

Which actually makes me quite sceptical. I’m not saying it’s wrong, but the Reddit post is much less believable than the Wikipedia article it claims is false! And who is going to bother to check a 1070-page source that is probably not as reliably text-searchable as the post claims?

If true, the Thirisadai is still by no means the least historical unique unit (War Wagon, Woad Raider, Gbeto, Mameluke…).