[Request] Restore the late Roman Centurion grandeur (pic)

Judging mainly from the helmet, current in-game UU of the Romans (image #1)…


…is a 300 years anachronism to what aoe2 Romans civ is supposed to be; the Western Roman Empire.

Restore the appearance of Centurion’s model to what it should have been (image #2):


I don’t know enough about Roman army history but I did find this

IIII* helmet looks like the most suitable for the game, in my opinion

*ha, romans did use IIII as 4


Yes that is a gallic helmet from Caesar times, unfortunately late Roman history is less popular than the early part so it is often assumed to be the same like in Alaric slides. Late Roman helmets are like that of the Sutton woo type, more medieval and Germanic. Ironically the old imperial centurion is more accurate than the new one…

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Personally I wish it’d go the other way, losing the Chi Rho and everything. That’s got nothing to do with the regular unit, and purely that I’d love to be able to use it for the Rome at War mod with it looking more fitting for the era.

It seems that some eqrly Byzantine Cebturions and Horsemen (knowing that Centurions are an infantry unit) did use the Chi Rho. Hot take: Cataphracts get the Chi Rho

Cataphracts already have it:


I’m high. Sorry




We already have them in the game & it got turned into a scenario editor unit…
At this point, I think they just like the Gallic helmet more because they’re widely more known to the mainstream media than the Ridge style helm.

Which is a shame because I love this time period.


Majorian’s story is about not going gently into the good night. Raging, raging against the dying of the light. Showing every Germanic kingdom what were the Romans made of; what made them the strongest Empire around the Mediterranean for centuries.

And still, after all what was done was done right, lose not by being bested in glorious battle, but by being wronged by your friend. And dying in a pitiful, miserable way, after trying to restore the Western Empire to it’s splendour days. And failing.

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Perfect roman campaign idea there.

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Btw, regarding the popularity… of the imperial helmet and/or the rectangular shield… I have to say that, in my opinion, developers serve and consumers consume. And developers know because they study (I guess), so they dictate any consumer who might demand the nonsense.

We can’t live in an environment which is being driven by nonsense I want to believe.

And this case doesn’t have to do with the sales of a company. I mean, who will check preemptively such a thing, and reject a DLC mainly because of that? One individual around the globe? Two? Fine then.