Request: "Return Resources" button for vllagers and fishing boats/ships

When our base is under siege, it’s hard to send all types of villagers to return their resources to their respective building types. Sometimes, having those resources is VITAL to winning the game.

So, I was thinking, what if we could send our selected villagers to their nearest town center/granary/storage pit without actually clicking on top of such buildings? We wouldn’t need to search for them scattered all around the map, since villagers would directly reach them, without losing time and reducing the chances of resource loss.

They do know where those buildings are, no matter the distance. I tried with all types of resources. Villagers went straight towards buildings to return their respective resources they were gathering:

I also tested this behavior with fishing boats/ships, and the same happens.

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Return resources button would also require its hotkey, of course. And in the title I forgot to also mention trade ships! :orangutan: