Request Sands of time DLC to come next

Since we have some interesting developments occuring in the ME at this moment and everyone is now watching videos about ‘‘History of Afghanistan’’ I would like to make a suggestion for the next DE3 DLC.

Sands of time DLC.
Featuring ME/North African civs and maps including the imfamous ‘‘Graveyard of Empires’’.

To be Added in this DLC:

1.Morocco/Barbary pirates



4.Persia. Safavids


I would love to get to create battle Between the Safavids, Ottomans, Russians ,Afghans,British and Indians , all battling it out in the Hindu Kush and Crimea.
Beautifull dessert maps with sprawling Mountains in the east and dune seas with oasis in the Levant and North Africa.


no thank you. we really dont need afghans.


They fought against the Indians, Ottomans, Sfavids and British… why not?


Mainly because 5 civs in a dlc is way too much to ask for and the other four seem more important so if we had to take one out Afghans would be the ones, I also think either berbers or Moroccans could be removed to we only have one of them, I know they are different but they still cover the same region.

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first of all you need to define what Afghanistan is. the region is a mess to begin with, with different dynasties popping up and then failing within a few generations.

the thing is looking at this list i am not even sure what to think of it, sure some of them have territory in afghanistan but most of them are also partially persian or indian.

like for example are these people really afghan?

id say with a capital in Dehli they seem a lot closer to being Indian than afghan, ruling dynasty aside.

also 5 civilizations is a LOT to ask.

we already have berber as an native ally, i think that is enough for them. Arabs, i mean why? i guess you could say Oman but not a whole lot happened in Arabia in this periode.

i think of the factions you mentioned the only 1 that NEEDS to be in the game is the Persians, and you can argue Morocco (tho i think that ship has sailed now), the rest i dont see the need for at least not beyond a native ally.

Berber native allies are cool btw.


Yeah I’m not saying they should all be added at the same time, 5 civs are a lot but I want them all added eventually, the amount of diversity in battle these 5 civ brings to the game is just vast. The Arabs and Afghans were a slightly smaller faction but they did form kingdoms and fought numerous battles against the larger powers in the game. I know people have a narrow minded mentality thinking ;’‘Oh the Afghans can be represented by the Persians.’’ But that means just less diversity, less civs, I am tired of using only the same larger civ over and over again to reenact battles between actual factions and at one point formed part of a different empire. I want to use these smaller kingdoms to relive the battles they fought against the larger Empires. Adding these kingdoms causes hundreds more battle oppertunities within specified regions.

IF you add only Merocco then you can have a battle between Merocco vs Ottomans. What if I then wish to depict the Arab battles resisting Ottoman incursions… then I can just use Merocco vs Ottomans (Exectly the same battle) but if you add Arabs, Merocco and the rest , you can have battles such as:
Ottomans+Berbers vs Arabs+British vs Persia+Afghans.

You can have British + Persia vs Afghans+Persia
India +Afghans vs Persia+Afghans
Ottomans + Hausa vs Ethiopia+Merocco vs Arabs +Persia
Persia vs Ottomans vs Arabs
Indians + Afghans vs Arabs+ Ottomans
British vs Russia+Afghans in the Crimea
Ottomans vs Persia vs Afhgans vs Arabs
Ottomans + Berbers vs British+ Arabs vs Russia+Persia
Persia + Afghans vs Indians + British

So many possibilities for battle on desserts and mountenous maps, maps set on the shores of the Oersian Gulf, and the Caspian sea, in the desserts of Arabia and the mountains of the Hindukush and Caucasus. I want all this added to enjoy in game.

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no i have the opinion they are best represented as a minor settlement, no need to include them in a major faction or have them be a major faction.

people need to remember that there is a limitation to how many factions we can can get, adding 5 “Dessert” civilizations would mean some other factions simply dont get in. that means we have to ask what a new faction will add. if we are lucky we will get maybe 6 more factions, more than that seems unlikely (but i am not a dev, so i cant be certain).


You need to keep in mind that adding new civs to aoe3 is a non-trivial thing, unlike aoe2 where you just copy paste the default civ, add a new unit and call it a day.


That could work as well, I know my ambitions for AoE is rather vast, there are just so many interesting cultures,factions,kingdoms and historical battles that I wish to lose my mind in.

I know this, civs highly detailed and specialised , I am just giving ideas on what could possibly be added in game that would provide vast possibilities to reenact history.

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I think Moroccans and Persians would be enough


I doubt that the creators did so many civs in one DLC - too much work at once and unprofitable. It’s not AoE 2 that creating civs is basically playing around with pre-made stuff and adding literally a few novelties.


If there were to be a large DLC (for AoE 3 conditions is 3 civs), I would choose from your proposals: Moroccans, Arabs (they would be based on the Omani Empire and the Mamluk Sultanate - I would like their Home City to be Cairo) and Persians.

I don’t want Berbers or Barbara Pirates - because there are already Berbers in this game as the Minor Nation.

The Afghans also make no sense as another civ - the Persians could cover them; eventually there would be brand new Minor Nations for Asian Maps - then Afghans could be added as MN.

It would be an Islamic DLC and could add a whole new Architecture style to these three civs as well as the Ottomans civ.


If the Afghans are a political mess, there is the option of native villages that represent their divisions.

i am definitely not oppose to a minor settlement.


1842 Retreat From Kabul

One of the reasons I want Afghans to be added alongside Persia,Arabs,Berbers and Merocco/Barbary Pirates. With ME Maps.

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