Request: shepherds don’t take 2 sheep automatically

I’m sure it’s happened to everyone. You have your villagers taking one sheep and you come back to 1 rogue villager killing a sheep from your flock that you didn’t intend. Please make shepherds take 1 sheep at a time. Make all the shepherds finish the current sheep before taking another one and only 1.


This has been pretty much dealt with since they added the ability to queue villager tasks. Just hold shift and click all your ships one by one and you won’t have this problem.

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I’ve done this with deer and sheep and they still won’t take each one individually sometimes.


It happens to me too, and I am aware of shift-click. One of the triggers is if a sheep is killed too close to the untraversable square of the TC (Why is there even a untraversable square in the TC? Completely unclear a lot of the time where it is & what it’s doing :frowning:) and I’ve only clicked that one and one of the vills I’ve clicked on it can’t reach the sheep. Or if I’ve shift-clicked 5 of the vills but another one joined later.

A fix might be for vills to only kill new sheep when the number of sheep-gatherers exceeds 6x the number of sheep corpses (8x for cows), but that might still lead to issues.

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yeah exactl

but its just down to “not perfect AI” so might not be something they resolve any time soon, like how the morons get stuck while cutting wood and just idle while their bros body block them, or the hippo faces go and start harvesting another farm, so the original farmer idles…

WOW just said that, and then read the hotfix! :smiley: :smiley:

" * The Department of Agriculture has cited villagers who would attempt to replant farms well beyond their allotted plots. This should result in less wandering across the map to seek out unoccupied plots.

  • Farmers will now automatically split to nearby farms that are free when they finish building a new farm."
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i simply make sure i only have two sheep under the TC at one time as a precaution. the one being taken from at the time, and the one i sent over after they started on that one. when they finish the first and swap to the second, i send the next one.

pretty simple way to prevent multiple sheep being harvested at once.

I do the same, but I’ve had my reserve sheep something like 6 tiles away from the edge of the TC, and the villagers STILL go over there and cause carnage instead of taking the next sheep that is right next to them within the TC boundary. I know the solution is shift-click to queue, but it doesn’t seem too unreasonable to expect them to take the closest sheep next if I don’t do that.


actually, no. this will still happen.

this happens when you have too many villagers on a sheep or if a villager is to target the sheep you clicked and can’t get to it, after awhile it’ll automatically go to another sheep. this has been tested manytimes and proven.

the same applies to trees where only 3-4 villagers can get to it, the remaining villager targeting the same tree will start chopping down other trees.

So it means that everyone has to study their sheep placement to avoid this from occuring? oooof

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leave it few tiles away, good for celts tho

Sometimes it happens even when you have 6 or fewer villagers.


thats because ssome villy cant get to it. unless you didnt queue target the sheep and they’ll go to nearest one.

Just had a game where I had 5 villagers taking sheep. Command queued them to 1 sheep then another sheep under the tc. I came back and there was 2 on 1 sheep and 3 on the other.

Same with deer. Have 4 villagers command queue them to all the deer. Come back and there’s 3 on one and 1 on a different one.


how the pathing blocks and how quickly they switch to another sheep if they cant get to it. the worst is when you even put other sheeps few tiles away so villy dont get to them, they still walk out of their way to do ive got a sheep dead thats 4 tiles away from TC ruining early game.

time to git gud

edit: i bet that deer is super far away!

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Yes or 1 villager decides to welcome all the sheep over to your TC when you purposefully have them 5 tiles away.

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