[Request] Shift-queue gather points of buildings

Be able to put a sequence of “building flags” (aka gather/rally points), for the newly trained units to follow.

The tactical reason:

Some times you need your reinforcements to take a detour, either because 1) an enemy Castle is on the way, or 2) because the enemy sees the reinforcements line with the LoS of some random building of his, inviting him to start picking them off.


Micromanagement (20 characters)

For every quality of life suggestion there is someone calling you a noob for suggesting it.

I wonder if people complained when AoE1 RoR introduced the ability to queue multiple units or when AoE2 introduced rally points.

I think the idea is good and would make sense since it’s consistent with other features in the game.


They did.
I personally see it as a non-friendly mechanic .
It is easy to gather your units in a neutral point and then go for it if you ask me.

It’s easier (i.e. more efficient) to be able to put a sequence of gather points, this is the goal. What you say is what currently everyone does.


We could also have a “ghost queue”, where the price of units is only paid once they start being produced.