Request: Short Walls mod for DE

I would really like to have this mod in DE. with walls it can happen that you cannot see your units or sheep behind, just like with trees (Small trees mod) <3. Unfortunately I do not have the options to access the textures at DE :confused:, maybe one of you has the options?.

The Mod on HD:

thx for your attention :smiley:


I could make one, but I have some other projects that I need to finish first. Here’s a test I did with one of the wall pieces:

I may need to make it slightly taller…


O_O that looks ■■■■ good for a test. I think the size is so good and thank you for taking the time. Hype :smiley:

And thanks for the Idel pointer mod. one of my favorite mods in HD and now also in DE thank you XD. hope everything goes well with the development of the new program to get the SLP files, can not wait for it.

Gave it some more thought and I think this would make more sense:


nice. think the size and the new design of the edges are really good :smiley:

That’s it, it’s really good now

Any update on this mod?

I’ll be working on it again as soon as I wrap up some things with the new update for the SWGB Expanding Fronts mod.


I actually dig this. :smiley: Can’t wait to see this mod up. :smiley:

I made a mod that does that. Though it’s not a very pronounced change (about 20%). I wanted to maintain the vanilla feeling while being able to see better behind it.
The mod is called “Small Walls by pi”. If it suits you here is a link:

So far the only feedback I have is from ingrowntie47776 who is stating that they can’t get it to work. Not sure if I made a mistake somewhere or if it is DE doing DE things. I’d appreciate if someone could tell me whether it works for them. Thanks.


Welp… I guess I just won’t even bother now. I’ve just been too busy over the last month with my other project to make more progress on this mod. I would have done it with proper small sized construction/damage graphics and with x2 support, so hopefully pi can do all that eventually. And I just don’t want to deal with another Greg situation. When I searched for this mod in game, I noticed that Greg started one too that only has palisade walls, with “plans” to do the rest. Why do I get the feeling those plans were to “temporary borrow” my .smx files once I released mine and then because his was dated first by releasing an incomplete mod, he would get the majority of likes and downloads. I’d keep an eye on his mod if I were you, @pi31415etc.

And if I may also suggest, edit the frames from the x2 size, then you can use the Resize Graphic Scale tool at 50% in SLX Studio to make x1 versions. I think even the Chinese SMX Workshop has a tool to rescale your SMX. That way you can support both x1 and x2 and only have to do the work once. The reason why the mod isn’t working for some people is because you only support x1 and so everyone with UHD turned on will not see it.


@Tevious7621 Interesting. Yeah, I guess I could do that. I had no idea x2 existed. My PC can barely handle normal graphics, so I didn’t bother looking into UHD when I started playing AoE a few weeks ago. Just wanted shorter walls since my wall usage is excessive. I had no plans doing construction/damage, but I can see your point. Making a mod and not polishing could be wasteful. Only the last stage looks funky and that could be fixed.
Personally I have no need for credits and if somebody wants to reuse the mod resources for their own work it is fine with me. Though stealing the whole work is usually considered quite douchy. I just want to help people who have similar issues with existing walls as I do.
Is there a tool to generate the transparency mask automatically based on the colors in the main image? I was too lazy so I created those manually, but this time I would probably write my own tool for it. Though I would prefer an existing tool if there is one.
Since you mentioned the Idle Villager Pointer mod in that Greg link I’d like to thank you. Two out of 7 mods I’m using are yours (also the Fish Borders mod). Those mod are extremely helpful and well put together. Well done!


Another thing to consider is the damage modifier for when buildings take damage and get darker. With SLX Studio (I’m the author BTW), it will create a damage mask graphic (the cyan colored ones) when you import an SMX file. You can modify those to fit with your walls if you want to do the extra work involved. That was something else I was doing with mine. As for the transparency mask, I think Tools > Generate Data Graphics is what you’re looking for in SLX Studio. I have a discord for modding help with the app, you are welcome to join if you haven’t already and I can better assist you there.

As for the Fish Borders mod, I need to redo it with thicker borders. The in-game anti-alias makes it hard to see at some zoom levels.

And I just had a new idea for a wall mod to help with unit visibility and it won’t take too much effort, so I’ll do that instead of a short walls mod.


Unfortunately my idea didn’t work due to how outlines are rendered in game. I was going to do a Transparent Walls mod, but as you can see here, the pixels of units behind the walls don’t get drawn at all; only their outlines do. So you can only see the grass terrain. This doesn’t help with unit visibility. :frowning:

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Ty. Ill look into it. You could make it a shadow and end up with something like this:

I don’t think the shadows would be really necessary. Honestly just those foundations would be pretty cool. My walls are still pretty hight so if you wanted I think there is still a place for a mod that makes the wall substantionally smaller. I’d be happy to reference that in my mod’s description. People could then choose what suits them more.

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This may also be a possibility. It’s a little odd, but works.

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Out of interest, does messing around with any of this allow you to click units behind buildings?

If it does, I might make a mod (if none of you want to), with shorter foundations of buildings, to make it easier to attack those pesky builders without accidentally attacking the building foundation.

@pi31415etc why doesn’t your mod work with enhanced graphics?

@Tevious7621 So no progress at all for a Mod like this for now? :grin:
I was looking for one like OP mentioned and like your screenshot, that only reduce the size of the “corners” and the “single tile” walls (not every wall like pi31415etc did). :neutral_face:

Would you go for something like this?

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