Request special/pre order price to Purchase DoTD+African Royals DLC

Both of the coming DE DLC’s look superb and I will defenately be buying both asap.
Will there be a special allowing you to purchase African Royals + DoTD together for a reduced price ? I don’t care for the AoE4+DotD special, I want African Royals DLC + DotD DLC.

Devs Please could you give us this purchase option, the second we can purchase DoTD + African Royals DLC together I will do so.


The next DLC after adding Polish / Bohemians is already announced?

No, it’s just that there is still nothing new about DotD and it’s still not possible to pre-order it. Actually besides the civ emblems being leaked and the AoE4 page mentioning DotD will be the same cost as LotW nothing has changed since E3.

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I dont think they will do that as its coming as a free thing with aoe4.more focus is getting more players and sales in aoe4.

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Exactly, I don’t care for AoE4, it looks crap thus I will not be spending money in support of it.
Thus I request a simmilar deal but for DE3 African Royals + DotD. NOt to get any of the two free just to get a slightly reduced price when you buy it as a package , supporting both DE2 and DE3.

They don’t usually package DLCs from different games together. Thus just buy both of them. There not that expensive

No, The African Royals is an upcoming DLC to AoE3 DE.

It’s very common to do this during steam sales actually, many games and publishers do it, Microsoft has done it in the past.


Ah, i dont really follow AoE3. So i dont really have any benefit of a package deal with African Royals (like the topic starter dont have any benefits of the package deal with AoE4). You cant really put every combination into a package.

There aren’t that many combinations and it’s not an uncommon practice, tbh.


You cant really expect to have everything in a package. Currently they dont really have the need to push AoE2 or AoE3, but they want to push AoE4. So it is pretty logical to combine a DLC with AoE4 as package deal for that reason.

Note: I am not really sure if i will buy AoE4, so i dont really have anything with this package deal with AoE4.

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why not?


That it is possible doesn’t mean it is a good idea to do so for the devs. I think AoE 2 DLC + AoE3 DLC doesn’t really result in more revenue for the devs, while combining it with AoE4 it does.

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Yeah having both DE2 and DE3 sell more content won’t in any way produce more revenue for the devs …

Why combine DE2 with IV? … In the hopes of having a highly loved + highly sold game (DE2) help with the sales of a game that has recieved swathes of ridicule and seems to will be less successfull in the sales department.

Is DE3 as succesfull as DE2? No. So add the option to buy DE2 DLC + DE3 DLC With the aims of having more poples possibly purchasing DE3 DLC that otherwise would not have done so.

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because both are set in the same age timeframe?

yes because people are totally willing to pay 60$ for age 4 to get a 10$ aoe2 DLC for free.

except that would require age 2 people to then turn around and buy age 3 as well, if they already haven’t.

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What he is asking for does make sense, after all there is a bundle to buy all the DEs on Steam, there is also a bundle to buy HD+DE, ect. So you would assume that if some people buy the DE bundle they could be interested into a DLC bundle. Reason it won’t happen is because they seem to be focusing on them one at a time, AR got tons of publicity+ a PuP lately but nothing new about DotD.