(Request) "Stop" command for buildings

  1. Many times ive tried to shoot villagers building a tower, using my own tower, and many times i cant target them due to the interface not allowing targeting behind buildings, thus ending up shooting the building in progress

  2. Many times ive accidently or for assistance reasons targeted an animal (Boar/elephant) with a TC/twr

both these cases wouldve been resolvable if buildings had a stop command. they would stop killing my food and they could possibly retarget opposing units instead of structures


Just delete everyhing lol

Ok, jokes aside.

This happens specially with castle foundations. But yeah, castles and towers clickable hitboxes could definitely be smaller, and/or units behind them have better priority. That would be much welcomed.

A halt command to building attack is surely a nice idea, I want it now!!

Gonna agree with both of these. Solid QoL suggestions with no real reason not to include them.

Good ideas :slightly_smiling_face: