Request/Suggestion: For more custom objects in Editor

One of my hobbies for the last ten or so years is building custom maps, I would love to be able to have an tool for designing and creating custom objects for the game.
Something along the lines of Geini Editor for AOE 2.

Here is a list of ideas I have cooked up over the last 10 years for pre built static artillery positions for example.

  • Prebuilt/Static Cannon Positions
    Several types:
    Stone/Concreate positions, that interact the same way the fixed gun foundation does with units.
    Style Idea One

Style Idea Two: This type maybe interacts with units the same way a Redout does (except less clipping and no units can get right up to it from the inside like wall)
Vol 08 Sharpe's Sword.avi_snapshot_01.32.11_2021.02.25_13.32.10

Vol 08 Sharpe's Sword.avi_snapshot_01.31.36_2021.02.25_13.31.24

Wooden Static Positions, Same interaction as the above with
Type One

Type Two

Type Three; Leveled firing position, dirt held in place by wooden walls.
wooden foundation and earthworks