request to add dlc

Hi everyone, I opened this forum as an age and history enthusiast. I have always played age and when I saw my grandfather playing age 1 when I was 3 years old I called it the game of lions (because there were lions and I was little) with the Over time I have become passionate about history and now at 25 I am about to graduate in historical studies in Italy and while studying I have thought of some historical campaigns or battles which I could add and in part it is a request. a campaign on the Ostrogothic wars or on the wars of Muslim expansion or the siege of Vienna in age 2 have real historical campaigns in age 3 such as the Napoleonic campaigns or the boxer revolution in China. There are many things you can do that I would love to play. a more modern age of empire would be nice even if I know that company of heroes exists. as a fan I can’t wait to see what he adds to age and with a bit of sadness I have to say that age 4 disappointed me a bit, I was hoping for a leap forward in the story but instead it’s not much different from age 2. I hope you can read this forum and have your own opinions and that some of the programmers can get inspiration. in any case, I thank the age programmers for giving me many hours of play and making me passionate about the story.

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