Request to devs regarding ported AoE 1 campaigns

Your decision to maximize the amount of content in the game seems useful and correct, but it so happened that while working on quantity you forgot about quality. The public was already accustomed to the fact that paid campaigns were very good, I was very impressed by all the stories about India, which I went through one after another, one a day, and really experienced a lot of impressions.

And now players, who are used to quality, seen two ported campaigns. I don’t want to belittle the work of the devs with this, it’s a work in any case… But it looks bad.

  1. Many have already responded that for the port you used not improved versions from AoE 1 DE, but old ones from the 90s, and all this looks and plays poorly a quarter of a century later.
  2. There is NOT A SINGLE picture in these campaigns. Yes, you reproduced the features with the world map from the original game, but couldn’t you have gone the mixed route? In DE you already had drawings.
  3. There isn’t even an epilogue! The game doesn’t really end, it just stops. The player gets nothing at the end. Only bewilderment. 3 missions? Carthage? Just 3? With no ending? That’s… bad.

Please use more advanced versions of campaigns for porting and add at least some art and epilogues to all ported campaigns. Otherwise, you dilute the good quality of the game and lower the perception of its value.

I ask people who agree with me to give likes. Not for me. But for this post to have something like power of petition. We are talking about the form in which the remaining ported campaigns will be released, I would like to see them in good quality.


Don’t use “petition” in the title. Not only will your request be denied immediately, but you will be perma-banned.

RoR was rushed in general. It was badly designed with a lot of flaws. That is the reason why i still havent bought it yet. It is not the scenarios, but everything is based on bad decisions. There have been many complaints about this.

What?! I have never heard about this…


That’s what someone else said. I assume it’s true. Even if it’s not, it’s not good to risk it.

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You don’t know it, you just assume, someone told you about this, but you don’t know who, but at the same time you so confidently give orders about what I should write, and assign me a place in ban? Friendy, aren’t you taking on too much?

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It’s stated in the Code of Conduct under the Don’t section.
I think in this case it’s just fine if I remove Petition in the title because otherwise OP’s post reads like a normal request


Yes, I agree… I expected them to port the 1 DE campaigns and even add 2 more scenarios to further interconnect the missions…

Curious, why would that be?..

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