Request to replace Inca's Bolas Warrior label

Hello development team.
The Aztecs also have troops similar to the Bolas Warrior, so you will use cavalry units to attack these seemingly weak units, but the Bolas Warrior of the Incas is a ■■■■■■■ musketeer.Same as Carolean, it is a heavy infantry that shoots more damage to the cavalry.This would be a counterintuitive operation.
I hope to change the label to cannon and cause more damage to the infantry. He caused regional damage. I believe he can play the role of Falconet.

The warriors with boleadeas (Liwi), who are the bolas of the game, were an adaptation of the traditional Inca army against the Spanish. Boleadeas (bolas) were hunting weapons among the Incas, to hunt long-legged animals such as guanacos, rheas and deer. For many centuries, people mainly from Bolivia began to use bolas as weapons in the war. Manqu Inka’s army, realizing the potential that these weapons, used mainly by the Colas, now known as Aymaras, who lived around Lake Titicaca and a few hundred kilometers south of it, began to employ larger numbers of warriors with boleadeas , to overthrow Spanish riders. It worked quite well, the Inca resistance lasted almost 40 years in Wilkabamba.
The units you saw as similar to the Bolas, in the case of the Aztecs, are the slingers, which used a sling, a very different weapon, which was not as efficient against cavalry. The Bolas are composed of stones, or copper, or bronze balls, of increasing weight dimensions, which were tied to camelid tendon strings of respectively increasing lengths, all strings joined in a single rope then, which was wielded and thrown. Although it had a short range, the shape of this weapon caused the stones to rotate at different speeds and the animal’s legs were strongly tied while it was galloping. This knocked the animal down. The stones when tying the animal’s legs also hit the legs or the trunk, or hips, which can cause severe bruising or break bones, depending on the impact. Guanacos, rheas and men often died just from the impact, not just being paralyzed and trampled in the highland pastures or on the battlefield.

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They could be changed like an eagle. Their role is also designed to take on the role of Dragoon, but I wonder why they don’t have tags like Eagle. Delete their ranged snares and make them have eagle like tags.

The conqueror in the game is a range cavalry, while the original Inca Warrior has area damage.
So it can be replaced by a combination of artillery + Skirmisher

Lately I have played a lot with the Incas, and I have found that the combo jungle archer + bola warrior is the equivalent of the European dragon + skirmisher, the bola warrior seems to me to be very well designed both as a unit and historically, if you need a nerf, it would only readjust the area damage, due to the compact formations of dragons and ruyties are destroyed by the Inca Bola warriors, although I would not touch anything else because even with all the speed improvements it is still quite slow compared to the European anti cab.

As an inhabitant of South America, I can tell you first-hand, that the triple boleadoras are perhaps the best weapon created by humanity against the cavalry, perhaps much better than the pikes in my humble opinion.


Okay, I know he has worked well against cavalry in history, and the same is true in games.
Good at attacking cavalry from a distance, but poor performance in close combat

But his current attribute is Musketeer,
I hope to become Skirmisher or Dragoon,
There is no conflict, right?
I personally prefer Skirmisher.Because their attack posture is similar to the Aztec Otontin Slinger
Another unit of the Inca Longhouse is good at attacking artillery and buildings(Similar Mortars + Culverin)If he can play the role of falcon, I think it will be good