Request to the devs: open balance notes

Hi devs. How are you?

Not gonna lie. I didn’t quite like the last balance patch (but I loved the march one). Some of the balance changes seems rather odd to me, and or unbalanced. Of course my opinion is not the truth, but I think it would be good to disclosure the balance changes a few days before, in order to let comunity (specially in aoezone) to give its feedback.

Gope you consider this idea. Thanks!


Considering that this patch was also leaked, and a lot of people expressed their criticism, they could at least take advantage of this situation.


Considering how unfriendly, toxic and unconstructive ppl on aoezone were about the leak and lately also in other topics (eg. Redbull), i doubt it would be helpful. The current process for balance changes works like this: FE balance discord + at least partly aoeforums give input -> devs consider some changes -> feedback process in FE balance discord -> final developer decision, which worked well until now. Even if that additional feedback on aoezone would be helpful, it would still delay this whole process and cost dev time, which is probably invested better in other places. Also keep in mind there lately is nearly always a monthly update, sometimes a bit bigger, somtimes a bit smaller and if something is indeed bad, then it will be changed again (eg. the goth militia spam in darkage).
Just my thoughts.


Having opinions of everyone isnt great. Lots of suggestions on this board make no sense at all. It would be nice if they can have some pro player feedback group. People who really understand the game and how changes change the strengths of a civ.


Oh, yes. Aoezone is as toxic as an heroin soup. But also people with great knowledge about the game is there. I’m afraid of devs paying to much attentions to suggestioms being said here. Where people is not that experienced and have wacky ideas

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Is it really proper feedback if you don’t try it ingame? To me it sounds very counterproductive and confusion inducing to the dev team, as they have info that the general public doesn’t have to make the balances, and opinions about how the balances should be done are very broad. The balance can never please everyone, and will never be perfect. :confused:

Specially when the opinions are merely speculative. Have actual try with the new balance before deploying critical considerations over it, then the discussion can be meaningful.

They do take notes to pros insights about the balance, happened in every patch.


Like TKs building towers? Yea. But no ones supporting that idea. I’d say there’s been some very good discussions on this forum. That’s of course only my take and anyone can say I’m biased just cause I’ve been taking part in it myself lol.

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11111 yeah, i just didn’t want to say it