[Request] Trigger to add task to unit

Hi! The aura effect from Centurions comes from tasks. It would be really cool to have the possibility to add at least this task to other units. Say I want the Centurion to also make some infantry hero to attack faster or Cataphracts to have the same effect over, I don’t know, camels or whatever. Modifying the resource 255 doesn’t cut it, if I want nore than one unit to have an aura.

I know you can do it in AGE, but having triggers is more versatile


I agree. Similar case with the Caravanserai - you used to be able to use its triggers for a variety of effects - my favorites were using it on hidden fences along a road to speed up units using the road, or to create a mobile medical cart that passively healed units en masse. But those triggers have been removed as the ability has been moved over to “tasks,” which can now only be changed with modding. It’s understandable from the standpoint of consolidating mechanics, but it’s unfortunate to have lost a major capability from the Editor in a manner that’s not considered to be a bug.

I believe the raiding abilities for Keshiks and Infantry (from Chieftains) are also tasks, so it would be nice to add these abilities to a variety of units as well.

But first and foremost, quality. No rush if adding this is going to break a dozen other things.


Wonder countdown too. How fun would it be having a house starting the wonder timer?

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