Could you add a method in the following updates to reset the completed campaigns so that they can be completed again? Or to remove the medals.

Thank you very much for your attention :smile:

Just go to the install files and delete your profile.
You find it there in the similar path where the mods are located

Just going to drop this here:

This is on the list of dont’s:

So I would put this as a request, rather than a petition, because that’s against the rules.

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I wonder why, though. That seems to be a really odd and specific rule. There must be a reason behind it.

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Well, it’s not that I ask for it very urgently xD but sorry for the inconvenience

I think I’ve tried almost every possible way, offline mode, delete profiles (even in offline mode)… And well, it’s something that was in the previous AoE in delete profiles mode, I just want a reset button XD

Maybe you have enabled cloud sync, that redownload your profile after you delete it

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Create a steam account if you have AoEII DE on Steam.
Link it to a family account.
That’s it, you have a blank account to redo your campaigns

Removing steam cloud and deleting the folder where the player file is downloads the data anyway xD

That’s a good method but I want you to count my hours on the main profile, call me weird xD