Requesting real Aztec dialogue (New translation inside!)

As you know, currently the Aztec in-game dialogue for both AoE II and AoE III is a mish-mash of Native American languages without a single line of Classical Nahuatl, the language of the Aztec. Since I know the language, I took upon the task of re-translating all the in-game dialogue. I also could contact native speakers in Mexico to re-record the dialogue, or at least instruct on pronunciation to non-speakers who could re-record the voices, or simply send the recording of a native speaker reciting them so they can be re-recorded by Microsoft.

Some comments before presenting the lines. There is no grammatical gender in Nahuatl, so they can be used for both men and women. The war-cries are historically authentic, they are extracted from Aztec war chronicles.

Anyway, here are the translations.

Select 1 Quemah? - Yes?

Select 2 Tlen motencopa? – What is your order?

Select 3 Tlen ticnequi? – What do you want?

Move 1 Ompa niyauh - I’m going there

Move 2 Nipehua – I go

Move 3 Nehua – I depart

Attack 1 Ma ye cuel! - Now!

Attack 2 Xihualnenemican! – Come on!

Attack 3 Tlacuelehuatl! Tla tlayeyecahui! – Hurry up! Let us attempt it!

Build Tlaquilqui - Builder

Farm Milchiuhqui - Farmer

Gather Coin Tatacani - Miner

Gather Fruit Tlapini - Gatherer

Gather Meat Amini - Hunter

Gather Wood Cuauhxinqui - Woodcutter

Explorer dialogue

Disabled Ninococoa, ahmo huel ninolini - I’m hurt, I can’t move

Ransomed Tlazohcamati ipampa oquixtlauh in nopatiuh - Thank you for paying my ransom

Revived Onipatic - I recovered

There is only one line of dialogue that is used in AoE II but not in AoE III, the one for repairing buildings:

Repair Yectlaliani - Repairer