Requesting Seperate Elo for Rm & dm (1v1 & team games)

Dear Microsoft,

People have seperate set of skills for 1v1 and team games and most importantly, players who are experts in DM are totally new to RM settings. Therefore, it makes sense to have seperate ELO for them. Please consider this to make players play all types of settings rather then sticking to the one they are best at.

Further we need minimap flare!!! just like in aoe-2 for team games.


1 ) Agreed. At least DM and RM separated. Add the ratings on the site as well and some cool filters like show players by country, im sure it will make competitive players more interested.

2 ) Yes, flare would be nice. :slight_smile:

Yes, fully agree on both things. I think that separate elo for rm and dm will come, when you get the elo message when you win/lose a game it says “deathmatch elo” and “random map elo”.
I don’t think it would make sense for it to be written in that way unless they are working on making rm/dm have separate elo.

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Agreed, ELO needs to be categorized at least between DM and RM. If the development allows then it should be specified bit more imo:

  • 1vs1 RM
  • 1vs1 DM
  • Teamed RM
  • Teamed DM

Yes, that would be a good way. Also the way elo splits up between teammates in team games should be removed, i don’t see a reason for why it is like this, you should be gaining same amount of elo in team games as in 1vs1s.

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the current ELO system is also bugged as many players are still stuck with the 1600 points. There is also a bug that when someone is spectating the game then the ELO system does not works. Furthermore, when the host makes it dedicated server and if he quits when he is losing then the whole game closes for everyone. MICROSOFT are you listining to us or are you gonna ignore us because of aoe2 de now.

I noticed recently more people are playing custom match , because it gives them the flexibility to play any number of players 1v1 upto 4v4 , based on the availability of the players.

I think one elo for rm and one for dm is enough , no need to make so many elo ratings. This way people can play ranked matches without the need to reopen a new lobby if there were not enough players.

Also after some time maybe when every body reach the elo that matches their skill level , it would be nice for the host to select the elo range for a match so that players outside this range cannot join the lobby.

Agreed. All we need is separated RM and DM ladder and 1x1 and team ladders (no need 2x2, 3x3, ffa etc.).

Also previous lobby rating setting was better, as a host we could turn rating game on and off and change number of players.

Even Voobly has this feature for many years. Just patch it and make the game send the correct information to ladders.