Res/Min numbers

I like the concept of the res/minute numbers recently implemented in the game, but I think the way these numbers are being calculated is limiting their usefulness.

Apparently the game is taking a moving average over X seconds and using this past data to project your future income. Unfortunately this lagging indicator is very frequently inaccurate. If you switch a TP from XP to wood, your wood income will not update until X seconds after it receives a pass, rather than letting you know right away that your wood income is now ~60w/m higher. Rather than telling you what your income will be, it tells you what your income has been, then it makes the assumption that you’ll continue to make that same amount. This is not accurate and therefore not useful information! Villager distributions change very frequently, and I can’t afford to wait X seconds to find out if I’m generating the correct number of resources.

A much better system would be to project a players income based on a summation of all current gather rates. This is simple: If a player has 10 vills on coin producing .78 c/s, and they also have 4 banks: then their coin income is 10*.7860 + 2.754*60 = 1128 c/m. this is the number I’d like to see. I don’t think moving averages are useful here. It might be that TP’s are the issue here since they’re not the same on every map, but using an average of 1 res/second is probably just fine.