Research Bug

Just in case anyone missed it from the clip, DauT hit Castle and clearly went to his Blacksmith to research Bodkin, and you could even HEAR him click the tech. Yet for some reason, it didn’t research.

Having experienced this quite a few times in DE, it seems if you cycle through buildings too quickly and either click units to create or techs to research your inputs just refuse to register. In many ways controls on DE just feel worse to use, and this is probably the big one for me. I think this really needs to be looked in to.

When I play madly in beginning of game. When I got deer from 4 villager I usually garrison them and give task from TC gives a little bit speed. I used hotkey it didn’t do anything and I didn’t understand anything. It happened me a lot and but one time I saw the bug, there was no ungarrison button. I don’t have screenshot but I think when I pressed ungarrison it ungarrisones vil another villager goes inside of TC then removes ungarrison button. You can play fast but game can’t understand. I mean at Starcraft there is players which can do 300 action per minute. And game calculates everything correctly.
There was a bug which if you was too fast techs units can be trained or researched in wrong buildings. The Viper when read this he even told “I didn’t get that for one time”. I think Devs maybe tried do something and add block when players are fast I don’t know maybe that fix has mistake.

Thanks for the report! We’ll have the team investigate and see whether improvements can be made! :+1:

Not reproducible by Test as of Update 43210. Closing out issue so we’ll see new reports if it appears again!