Reskinning Units?

I was just wondering why there aren’t any unit reskin mods for AOE1, like there are tons for AOE2. Personally I get more than a little aggravated that every single civilization has Greek-looking units, despite them having different architectural styles. In light of that I would’ve expected there to be ample reskin mods, but there’s not a single one to be found. I was just wondering why that is.


I know how you feel, but unfortunately AoE2 seems to be much more popular than AoE1 in general. So you see less mods for AoE1.

Plus in AoE I and II you can’t do reskins, you have to do full new units.

That’s what I meant by “reskin”. Mods with new models are called reskins in AOE2. That’s what I meant, new models.

Because that’s just Age1. I’ve been suggesting for years that they release skin DLCs from dev side to give the game more uniqueness.
But yes - it is just Age1…


Because majority of AoE1 civs are European and so there is no motivation.

Well, no. Only Greeks and Romans are European.

Edit: Also Macedonians, sorry.

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Macedonian and Carthiginian and Minoans and Babylonian and Palmyrian and blablabla. All of them related to the same early abrahamic-roman stuff.

There’s 5 unique architectural styles - Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Asian.
If I knew how I would create a different unit set to correspond with each architectural style (Greek civs would keep the original vanilla units).

Greek Roman Mesopotamia Egyptian can use the same style. There wasn’t much difference between them.

Because there is less people interested in AOE 1 and there are more issues to face than in AOE2. AOE1 has a compression system that difficult access to the assets and handles 32 faces (compared to the 16 of aoe2) which makes the asset editing a lot more of work.